Dungeons & Robots Achievement List

Crafter Crafter
Begin to craft!
Pure at soul Pure at soul
Find your first Pure Crystal
Dungeon Explorer Dungeon Explorer
Complete your first Dungeon
Crafter - Apprentice Crafter – Apprentice
Complete 10 Crafts
Crafter - Expert Crafter – Expert
Complete 100 Crafts
Crafter - Master Crafter – Master
Complete 1000 Crafts
CareTaker CareTaker
Fully Upgrade an item (Level 10)
Uniform Uniform
Fully upgrade one of your profiles
Without anything at the pockets Without anything at the pockets
Complete a dungeon without anything at your sockets (Solo)
Can't touch me Can’t touch me
Complete a dungeon without dying or using any support item (Solo)
Shadow Slayer I Shadow Slayer I
Kill 10 Shadow Creatures
Shadow Slayer II Shadow Slayer II
Kill 1000 Shadow creatures
Witch Hunt I Witch Hunt I
Kill 10 mages
Witch Hunt II Witch Hunt II
Kill 100 mages
Witch Hunt III Witch Hunt III
Kill 1000 mages
Witch Hunt IV Witch Hunt IV
Kill 10000 Mages
Terminator I Terminator I
Kill 25 elite enemies
Terminator II Terminator II
Kill 100 elite enemies
Terminator III Terminator III
Kill 500 elite enemies
Invisible genius Invisible genius
Use your Light Armour Ult. Ability when targeted by at least 5 enemies
Savior machine Savior machine
Use your Medic Armour Ult. Ability to heal at least 2 near death alies (<=5%Health)
Unbreakable machine Unbreakable machine
Use your Heavy Armour Ult. Ability and absorve at least as much damage as your max health
Savior Savior
Save a co player before he dies
Champion Champion
Get 1st place into 5 completed games in row
Gladiator Gladiator
Get 1st place into 5 completed encounters in pvp arenas in row
Freedom Force I Freedom Force I
Set free 10 robot prisoners
Freedom Force II Freedom Force II
Set free 50 robot prisoners
Freedom Force III Freedom Force III
Set free 100 robot prisoners
Freedom Force IV Freedom Force IV
Set free 1000 robot prisoners
Hitting where it hurts most Hitting where it hurts most
Deal 5000 critical damages to enemies
Scavenger I Scavenger I
Pick Up 10 Items
Scavenger II Scavenger II
Pick up 50 Items
Scavenger III Scavenger III
Pick up 100 Items
Purifier I Purifier I
Purify 10 items
Purifier II Purifier II
Purify 50 items
Purifier III Purifier III
Purify 100 Items
Lucky Day Lucky Day
Find a legendary item
Crystals Collector Crystals Collector
Pick up 1000 crystals