Dungeon Punks Achievement List

A King's Ransom A King’s Ransom
Complete Chapter 1: Thorian Palace
A Pyrrhic Victory A Pyrrhic Victory
Complete Chapter 2: Sedge Dale
Man's Best Friend Man’s Best Friend
Complete Chapter 3: Voleglade Village
Lawyering Up and Eating Crow Lawyering Up and Eating Crow
Complete Chapter 4: The Floating Isles
Web of Deceit Web of Deceit
Complete Chapter 5: Goblin Slums
A Debtor's Burden A Debtor’s Burden
Complete Chapter 6: Abandoned Crystal Mines
Vacation Plans Vacation Plans
Complete Chapter 7: Forest Laboratory
Riches and Rewards Riches and Rewards
Complete Chapter 8: Riptide Beach
Pyramid Scheme Pyramid Scheme
Complete Chapter 9: The Shrinewood
Insurance Fraud Insurance Fraud
Complete Chapter 10: Drakken Badlands
For Guts and Glory For Guts and Glory
Complete Chapter 11: Gas Swamps
Actuary of Valor Actuary of Valor
Complete Chapter 12: The Nether Realm
Adjuster of the Undead Adjuster of the Undead
Beat campaign on New Game+ mode
Corporate Recruiter Corporate Recruiter
Recruit all six heroes
Magician's Apprentice Magician’s Apprentice
Learn all hero spells at Rank 1
Ultimate Wizard Ultimate Wizard
Upgrade all hero spells to Rank 2
Good Samaritan Good Samaritan
Accept and complete 50% of all missions
Questor Extraordinaire Questor Extraordinaire
Accept and complete 75% of all missions
Mission Mastery Mission Mastery
Accept and complete 100% of all missions
Trainer's Apprentice Trainer’s Apprentice
Reach experience level 10
Muscle Machine Muscle Machine
Reach experience level 20
Experienced Mentor Experienced Mentor
Reach experience level 40
Monster Trapper Monster Trapper
Defeat a total of 150 monsters
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter
Defeat a total of 300 monsters
Monster Killer Monster Killer
Defeat a total of 600 monsters
Monster Terminator Monster Terminator
Defeat a total of 1200 monsters
Monster Demolisher Monster Demolisher
Defeat a total of 2400 monsters
Monster Destroyer Monster Destroyer
Defeat a total of 4800 monsters