Dungeon of the Endless Achievement List

Basic Training Basic Training
Win a game with the Escape Pod.
Graduated Med School Graduated Med School
Win a game with the Infirmary Pod.
Guns 'n Glory Guns ‘n Glory
Win a game with the Armory Pod.
Endless Mining Endless Mining
Reach the 24th floor with the Drill Pod.
Bookworm Bookworm
Win a game with the Library Pod.
Mr Cleaner Mr Cleaner
Win a game with the Sanitary Pod.
Out of the Cold Out of the Cold
Win a game with the Refreezerator Pod.
The Other Great Escape The Other Great Escape
Win a multiplayer game.
Onward and Upward Onward and Upward
Complete the first floor for the first time in a multiplayer game.
Team Builder Team Builder
Unlock a hero for the first time.
Maxed Out Maxed Out
Level up a hero to level 15 for the first time.
HR Boss HR Boss
Own 4 heroes in the team for the first time.
Champions' League Champions’ League
Win a game with each hero.
Medpack Addict Medpack Addict
Spend 1 000 Food by healing heroes in a single game.
Too Much Is Not Enough Too Much Is Not Enough
Build 50 modules in a single floor.
Dexterous Dexterous
Kill each type of mob 50 times.
Waste Not Want Not Waste Not Want Not
Stock 300 cumulated FIS.
What's Behind Every Door? What’s Behind Every Door?
Open each door in each floor in a winning game.
I Could Quit If I Wanted To I Could Quit If I Wanted To
Open 10 000 doors.
Science Fair Winner Science Fair Winner
Research all the modules (lvl 1) in a winning game.
Rocket Scientist Rocket Scientist
Research all the modules (lvl 4).
Everybody Goes Home Everybody Goes Home
Never have a hero killed in a winning game.
Real Heroes Don't Pause Real Heroes Don’t Pause
Never use pause in a winning game.
Dust Hoarder Dust Hoarder
Never lose Dust in a winning game.
Yearbook Editor Yearbook Editor
Complete the Album.
Members Only Members Only
Win a game with the Escape Pod without recruiting additional heroes.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Escape the dungeon with a Guard, a Prisoner and a Native as your team.
Elevator Song Elevator Song
After bringing the crystal to the exit, defend the elevator room for a full minute.
Endless Day Endless Day
On this day, Endless technology lights up and strange things appear…
Soiled with glue Soiled with glue
Win a game with the Organic Pod.
Hurnacide Hurnacide
Kill each type of Hurnas mobs 50 times.
Grab 'Em All Grab ‘Em All
Tamed all of the monsters, across any number of playthroughs.
So much for the mission So much for the mission
Win a game with all of the members of the Rescue Team.