Dungeon Manager ZV Achievement List

Knight's Emblem Knight’s Emblem
Placed a Knight’s Emblem item
First Kill First Kill
Killed your first Hero
Down to B3 Down to B3
Built down to level B3
Set the Big Four Set the Big Four
Set monsters as the Big Four
Set the Last-Boss Set the Last-Boss
Set a monster as Last-Boss
Floor Element Change Floor Element Change
Changed a floor element
Dragon Egg Dragon Egg
Found a Dragon Egg
Monster Combo Monster Combo
Synthesized a new monster
100 Kills 100 Kills
Killed 100 Heroes
1,000 Kills 1,000 Kills
Killed 1,000 Heroes
2,000 Kills 2,000 Kills
Killed 2,000 Heroes
Dragon Birth Dragon Birth
Hatched a Dragon Egg
Dungeon Bottom Dungeon Bottom
Built down to the bottom level
Dragon Knight Killed Dragon Knight Killed
Killed a Dragon Knight
Wizard Killed Wizard Killed
Killed a Wizard
Spirial Knight Killed Spirial Knight Killed
Killed the Spirial Knight
Genrei Knight Killed Genrei Knight Killed
Killed a Genrei Knight
Zombie Dragon Zombie Dragon
Created a Zombie Dragon (Z-Dragon)
Special Slime Special Slime
Created a Special Slime (S-Slime)
Vaster Slime Vaster Slime
Created a Vaster Slime (V-Slime)
Vaster Golem Vaster Golem
Created a Vaster Golem (V-Golem)
Vaster Demon Vaster Demon
Created a Vaster Demon (V-Demon)
Vaster Dragon Vaster Dragon
Created a Vaster Dragon (V-Dragon)
3,000 Kills 3,000 Kills
Killed 3,000 Heroes
5,000 Kills 5,000 Kills
Killed 5,000 Heroes
10,000 Kills 10,000 Kills
Killed 10,000 Heroes
Finished the Game Finished the Game
Finished the game and watched the ending