Dungeon Hearts Achievement List

Basic Training Basic Training
Complete the tutorial.
Varmint Hunter Varmint Hunter
Unlock 10 Enemies in the Bestiary.
Beast Bruiser Beast Bruiser
Unlock 20 Enemies in the Bestiary.
Demon Slayer Demon Slayer
Unlock 40 Enemies in the Bestiary.
Mini Boss Mini Boss
Reach battle 15.
Mid Boss Mid Boss
Reach battle 7.
Final Boss Final Boss
Defeat The Dark One.
Critical Hit Critical Hit
Achieve an attack multiplier of x7 or more in a single attack.
Quad Tech Quad Tech
Use all four Heroes in a single attack.
Grinding Spot Grinding Spot
Reach Level 20 with any Hero.
New Game Plus New Game Plus
Reach Level 60 with any Hero.
Limit Break Limit Break
Use all four Hero’s final Skill in the same battle.
Side Quest: Speed Boots Side Quest: Speed Boots
Finish the game in 40 minutes or less.
Side Quest: Phoenix Feather Side Quest: Phoenix Feather
Finish the game without any Hero getting knocked out.
Side Quest: Iron Man Side Quest: Iron Man
Finish the game without using any Skills.
Side Quest: Min/Max Side Quest: Min/Max
Finish the game with at least one Level 1 Hero.
Final Final Boss Final Final Boss
Defeat The Dark One on Hard difficulty.