Drop Out 0 Achievement List

Quick learner Quick learner
Finish tutorial of Drop Out 0.
Damage dealer Damage dealer
Deal 100,000 percent worth of damage.
Explosive expert Explosive expert
Gain 100 kills with explosive weapons.
Superkinetic Superkinetic
Knock an enemy away at incredible speed.
Weapons expert Weapons expert
Unlock all the weapons in the game.
Survivor Survivor
Reach over 400% of susceptibility.
Melee expert Melee expert
Gain 100 kills with melee weapons.
Sharp shot expert Sharp shot expert
Gain 100 kills with simple guns.
Bot genocide Bot genocide
Gain over 100 bot kills in a single practice session.
Humiliation Humiliation
Win a team match while the enemy has a negative score.
Team play Team play
Win 50 team matches.
Solo play Solo play
Win 50 solo matches.
Quick save Quick save
Cancel out a huge velocity with the AGGenerator.
Perkster Perkster
Unlock all perks in the game.
Fabulous Fabulous
Unlock a new skin.
From the beyond From the beyond
Score a kill while you’re dead.
Monster kill Monster kill
Gain 3 kills with no more than 3 seconds in between.
Icarus flight Icarus flight
Reach the top border of any map.
Close call Close call
Recover after reaching the border of any map.
Not so fast Not so fast
Recover after reaching insane velocity.
Experienced Experienced
Earn a total of 2000 XP.
First day at school First day at school
Add a friend in an online match.
Social Social
Meet over 100 players.
Master key Master key
Unlock more than 15 assets.
Detective Detective
Find one of the secret player names. (try “.NameIsBond”)