Drift Into Eternity Achievement List

Survivor Survivor
Survive for 1 day
Real Survivor Real Survivor
Survive for 15 day
New Dawn New Dawn
A new day in doomed life.
Deadly vacation in space Deadly vacation in space
Two weeks worth of deadly vacation.
I ain't no dry meat I ain’t no dry meat
Hydrate yourself properly for 3 days.
120 hours 120 hours
120 hours worth of trouble.
In between two weeks In between two weeks
More than a week and less than two.
Still Alive Still Alive
Three weeks of madness.
Almost there Almost there
25 days of nightmare.
Salary time! Salary time!
A month of harsh labor.
The worst best option The worst best option
Finish the C45 Procedure and perform an emergency landing.
Procedure Initiated Procedure Initiated
What’s the red flashing button for again?
Marathon Marathon
Run the same distance as an ancient greek warrior.
Living Petri dish Living Petri dish
Have 6 different diseases at the same time.
Superman Superman
Complete all researches in R28, become a legend.
Glorious Sec System Device Glorious Sec System Device
Upgrade your glove to the maximum.
Process Overload Process Overload
Reach a -25% Process malus.
Mac CraftGyver Mac CraftGyver
You can follow his path, do it.
The Researstein The Researstein
One research at a time, we can’t all be geniuses.
On a knife edge On a knife edge
Survive a night with less than 10% health.
Wannabe Fakir Wannabe Fakir
Stay for 10 seconds in a full intensity fire.