Dragon’s Wake Achievement List

Mommy...? Mommy…?
Find your mother
Dragon Rider Dragon Rider
Give the kid a ride
Adoption Adoption
Retrieve the green dragon egg
Goblin Killer Goblin Killer
Defeat the goblin chief
Protector Protector
Save a friend
A New Life A New Life
Hatch the egg
Sacrifice Of Flame Sacrifice Of Flame
Give up your ability to breathe fire
Hero Hero
Reach the surface with the green dragon
Monster's End Monster’s End
Destroy the black knight
Ten Second Rule Ten Second Rule
Eat food off the ground
Eating On The Fly Eating On The Fly
Eat a creature before it hits the ground
Glutton Glutton
Eat food while at full health
Growth Spurt Growth Spurt
Grow larger
Air Born Air Born
Stay in the air for 10 seconds
Overkill Overkill
Kill a mouse with a direct hit from a fireball
Kill It With Fire Kill It With Fire
Kill 50 enemies with fire
Laid To Rest Laid To Rest
Kill 50 undead enemies
Swift Strike Swift Strike
Bite a ghost skeleton out of the air
Stronger than Stone Stronger than Stone
Smash 10 pieces of masonry
Stoned Stoned
Kill an enemy by dropping a stone on them
Maximum Power Maximum Power
Increase all abilities to maximum
Lonely Victory Lonely Victory
End the game with no other dragons in your group