Don’t Crawl Achievement List

Many Faces of Death Many Faces of Death
Kill the hero in every possible (ghost-controlled) way
Full Jacket Full Jacket
Have 3 upgrades at a time
Strategic Bombing Strategic Bombing
Kill the hero with an egg that flew a long distance in a straight line
That’s what I call a goomba stomp! That’s what I call a goomba stomp!
As a slime, land on hero’s head
Not this time Not this time
Deflect an egg into the bird that dropped it
Are we supposed to co-op? Are we supposed to co-op?
As a ghost, kill a monster possessed by another ghost
Fop Fop
Complete a level with a top hat
Cleaner Cleaner
Beat a level killing every monster
Death Dodger Death Dodger
Beat arcade mode with 0 deaths
Poor Man’s Destiny Poor Man’s Destiny
Beat arcade mode without collecting a single crystal
Building Blocks Building Blocks
Publish a map to Steam Workshop
Hidden Achievement
Look, an easter egg! Look, an easter egg!
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Arcade Hero Arcade Hero
Beat arcade mode
Thou shalt not pass! Thou shalt not pass!
Kill the same opponent 3 times in a row