Domestic Dog Achievement List

Grand Dog Auto Grand Dog Auto
Destroy 20 cars with a single Dog
Butterfly Destroyer Butterfly Destroyer
Piss on 20 butterflies with a single Dog
Caffeinated Canine Caffeinated Canine
Drink 10 cups of coffee with a single Dog
Stay Out of My Territory Stay Out of My Territory
Piss on 100 objects with a single Dog
Dig Doge Dig Doge
Dig 50 holes with a single Dog
Rabbit Meat Rabbit Meat
KO 20 Rabbits with a single Dog
Dog Generator Pro Dog Generator Pro
Generate 100 dogs
Musical Mutt Musical Mutt
Find 5 Records
Record Retriever Record Retriever
Find a Record
Shell Shocked Shell Shocked
Piss on 4 turtles
Reservoir Dog Reservoir Dog
Rob the Dogfood Warehouse
Art Connoisseur Art Connoisseur
Buy 10 pieces of art with a single Dog
Cemetery Secret Cemetery Secret
Discover the secret in the cemetery
Toys R Mutts Toys R Mutts
Unbox 10 Toys with a single Dog
Woof Woods Secret Woof Woods Secret
Discover the secret of Woofy Woods
Dude, Where's My Ball? Dude, Where’s My Ball?
Consume Dognip 10 times with a single Dog
Resonance Cascade Resonance Cascade
Randomly become a certain breed of Alien Dog
Roller Rover Roller Rover
Get roller skates
Golden Fountain Golden Fountain
Piss into a water fountain until it’s filled with piss
Dog of the Dead Dog of the Dead
Urinate on 10 ghost dogs with a single Dog
Mobile Medic Mobile Medic
Save a fellow dog from fleas
Poo Poo Platter Poo Poo Platter
Eat your own poop 10 times with a single Dog
The One Who Barks The One Who Barks
Bark 100 times in 1 life
Flea Bag Flea Bag
Get Fleas
Dig Dog Arcade Master Dig Dog Arcade Master
Score 1000 points in the Dig Dog Arcade Game
Astrodog Arcade Master Astrodog Arcade Master
Score 1000 points in the Astrodog Arcade Game
Bonemuncher Arcade Master Bonemuncher Arcade Master
Score 1000 points in the Bonemuncher Arcade Game
Squares Arcade Master Squares Arcade Master
Score 1000 points in the Squares Arcade Game
Fat Stacks Fat Stacks
Earn Ð 10,000 Dog Coins
Level 2 Achieved Level 2 Achieved
Level up to 2
Level 5 Achieved Level 5 Achieved
Level up to 5