Distant Worlds: Universe Achievement List

Behold the Power! Behold the Power!
Own an operational Planet Destroyer
Backstabber Backstabber
Break 20 Treaties
Wunderworld Wunderworld
Build 1 Galactic Wonders
What's Yours is Mine What’s Yours is Mine
Capture 10 Enemy Ships and Bases
Conqueror Conqueror
Conquer 10 Enemy Colonies
Galactic Downfall Galactic Downfall
Defeat the Ancient Guardians
Don't Tell me the Odds Don’t Tell me the Odds
Defeat the Legendary Pirates
The Final War The Final War
Defeat the Shakturi
Marauder Marauder
Destroy 50 Enemy Civilian Ships and Bases
Veteran of the Galactic War Veteran of the Galactic War
Destroy 50 Enemy Military Ships and Bases
Planetary Warfare Planetary Warfare
Destroy 50 Enemy Troops
Disassembler Disassembler
Destroy 10 SilverMists
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter
Destroy 20 Space Monsters
Assassin Assassin
Eliminate 20 Enemy Characters
New Galactic Order New Galactic Order
Eliminate 1 Enemy Empires
I am the Law I am the Law
Eliminate 5 Pirate Factions
A House Divided A House Divided
Empire Splits (Civil War)
Ancient Order Ancient Order
Change Government to Way of the Ancients
Dark Times Dark Times
Change Government to Way of Darkness
We Want You We Want You
Join the Freedom Alliance
If You Can't Beat 'Em If You Can’t Beat ‘Em
Join the Shakturi (Mutual Defense Pact)
Minecrafter Minecrafter
Mine Most Resources
Free Trader Free Trader
Highest Trade Volume
Warmonger Warmonger
Start 20 Wars
Cloak and Blaster Cloak and Blaster
25 Successful Espionage and Sabotage Missions
Raider Raider
10 Successful Raids against enemy colonies and bases
Peace through Peace Peace through Peace
Spend 0% of time at War
Galaxy in Flames Galaxy in Flames
Spend at least 90% of time at War