Disgraced Achievement List

Deserter Deserter
Complete the introduction.
Something More Something More
Join the rebellion.
Outlaw Outlaw
Recruit Isamu.
Spy Spy
Recruit Satoru.
First Things First First Things First
Install your first base upgrade.
Disciplined Disciplined
Create a character with the “Discipline” trait.
Agile Agile
Create a character with the “Agility” trait.
Courageous Courageous
Create a character with the “Courage” trait.
Wise Wise
Create a character with the “Wisdom” trait.
Noble Noble
Create a character with the “Noble” background.
Commoner Commoner
Create a character with the “Commoner” background.
Taking Command Taking Command
Take command of your new base.
Walled In Walled In
Build a perimeter wall around your base.
Supply Line Supply Line
Get supply reserves for your base.
Restoration Restoration
Rebuild your base through restoration efforts.
Horse Thieves Horse Thieves
Hire horse thieves for your base.
Connected Connected
Get connected with smugglers for your base.
Sympathies Sympathies
Have sympathizers help out with your base.
Outcast Outcast
Recruit Hideaki.
Smithy Smithy
Repair the smithy in your base.
Quartermaster Quartermaster
Hire a blacksmith in your base.
Merchant Merchant
Hire a merchant in your base.
Alchemist Alchemist
Hire an alchemist in your base.
Drills Drills
Hire a drill officer in your base.
Broken Rod Broken Rod
Complete the “Broken Rod” side quest.
Among Outlaws Among Outlaws
Complete the “Among Outlaws” side quest.
Tough Training Tough Training
Complete the tutorial.
Woodsman Woodsman
Recruit Iwao.
Defender of the Dead Defender of the Dead
Kill the Akai Te grave robbers.
Ninja Ninja
Recruit Shou.
Sacred Ways Sacred Ways
Complete the “Sacred Ways” side quest.
Blade Master Blade Master
Recruit Hiroki.
Executed Executed
Complete the “Executed” side quest.
Left Out Left Out
Complete the “Left Out” side quest.
Survivor Survivor
Recruit Amaya.
Defector Defector
Recruit Hisashi.
Public Offense Public Offense
Complete the “Public Offense” side quest.
Liberator of Settsu Liberator of Settsu
Liberate the province of Settsu.
Liberator of Tamba Liberator of Tamba
Liberate the province of Tamba.
Liberator of Kawachi Liberator of Kawachi
Liberate the province of Kawachi.
Liberator of Kyoto Liberator of Kyoto
Liberate the province of Kyoto.
Savior of Japan Savior of Japan
Complete the main storyline.
Hand of God Hand of God
Kill the Great Shogun.
Voice of Reason Voice of Reason
Spare the Great Shogun.
Road Raiders Road Raiders
Complete the “Road Raiders” side quest.
Sword for Hire Sword for Hire
Recruit Kazuhiro.
Threats Within Threats Within
Complete the “Threats Within” side quest.
Inexperienced Inexperienced
Complete the “Inexperienced” side quest.
Big Bad Wolf Big Bad Wolf
Complete the “Big Bad Wolf” side quest.
Pirate Pirate
Recruit Kichirou.
Retaliation Retaliation
Force the Great Shogun to retaliate.
Exile Exile
Recruit Takara.
The Ropes The Ropes
Complete “The Ropes” side quest.
Bounty Collected Bounty Collected
Complete any bounty contract side quest.
Monk Monk
Recruit Toshi.
Hit Squad Hit Squad
Complete the “Hit Squad” side quest.
Trailblazer Trailblazer
Defeat a patrol.
Ill Omens Ill Omens
Complete the “Ill Omens” side quest.
Martial Artist Martial Artist
Recruit Daisuke.
Soldiers of Fortune Soldiers of Fortune
Complete the “Soldiers of Fortune” side quest.
Torn Apart Torn Apart
Return to Horo.
Vigilante Vigilante
Recruit Hajime.
Enemies Everywhere Enemies Everywhere
Complete the “Enemies Everywhere” side quest.
Hunter Hunter
Recruit Sunea.
Expedition Expedition
Use field equipment.
Taken Away Taken Away
Complete the “Taken Away” side quest.
Bad Feed Bad Feed
Complete the “Bad Feed” side quest.
Conqueror Conqueror
Defeat a sentinel.
Sickened Sickened
Complete the “Sickened” side quest.
Maid Maid
Recruit Yori.
Gambler Gambler
Test your luck at gambling.
Convoy Control Convoy Control
Complete the “Convoy Control” side quest.
Duelist Duelist
Recruit Kaze.
Fisherman Fisherman
Recruit Tsutomu.
Unarmed Guards Unarmed Guards
Complete the “Unarmed Guards” side quest.
The Mound The Mound
Complete “The Mound” side quest.