Discouraged Workers Achievement List

Seeker of the city Seeker of the city
Unlock all the Characters Archive.
Honor student Honor student
Unlock all the Concept Archive.
Secret Chaser Secret Chaser
Find the Diary.
Art Collector Art Collector
Unlock all the arts on Gallery Archive.
Music Listener Music Listener
Unlock all the music on Music Archive.
Book Reader Book Reader
Just read.
Hawkeye Hawkeye
Get all the Objects.
Innocent Killer Innocent Killer
Reach the R.I.P
Flowery Mornings and Moonlit Nights Flowery Mornings and Moonlit Nights
Reach the True Ending.
Ga-Yeon's Guardian Ga-Yeon’s Guardian
Grant all achievements.
Frontier Frontier
Participated in the Early Access. If you are not a early access user, please reach the Demo Master.
Honorable Frontier Honorable Frontier
Reach the Flowery Mornings and Moonlit Nights of the Early Access. If you are not a early access user, please unlock all the other achievements.
Explorer Explorer
Welcome to the edge of the world.
KNDW Master KNDW Master
See all the endings.
Surrender Surrender
Reach the Game Over.
Demo Master Demo Master
Reach the end of Circumstances.
Adult Gamer Adult Gamer
See all the sexual contents.
Unfortunate Unfortunate
Reach the Accident.
For Alive For Alive
Back home from Bridge of the life.
Walking to the Death Walking to the Death
Walk towards death from Bridge of the life.
Murderer Murderer
Kill Ga-yeon in two different ways.
Onlooker Onlooker
Why you didn’t help her?
Owner Owner
Find the Wallet on Ga-yeon and Yunwoo.
Breathe Breathe
Find the Nebulizer on Grasping Reality.
Looking for Stuff Looking for Stuff
What’s inside the pencil holder?
Video Downloader Video Downloader
What are you going to download?
Drawer Drawer
Open the Drawer.
Dying Message Dying Message
If you grant this achievement, then, you can see the Dying Message on Diary Archive.
Memorial Memorial
63 days on Greenlight, 83 days on Early Access. It still alive on Steam with you.