Dirty Bomb Achievement List

Sprayer Sprayer
Earn a first kill with an Automatic weapon
Click Bait Click Bait
Earn a first kill with a Semi-Automatic weapon
Headburst Headburst
Earn a first kill with a Burst-Fire weapon
Shanker Shanker
Earn a first melee kill
Gunner Gunner
Earn a first kill with Shotguns
Marksman Marksman
Earn a first kill with Sniper Rifles
Helmet, off Helmet, off
Earn a kill with a headshot
Job On The Side Job On The Side
Complete a secondary objective
Hoarder Hoarder
Deliver a round of ammo to a team mate
Nurse Nurse
Deliver a Unit of health to a team mate
Doctor Doctor
Revive a team mate
Victory! Victory!
Win your first multiplayer match
Hidden Achievement
Moving on Up Moving on Up
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Operator Operator
Unlock a Merc
Missionary Missionary
Complete a Mission
Level Up! Level Up!
Achieve account level 2