Direct Hit: Missile War Achievement List

Miner Miner
Possess 8 working Refineries on a single mission
Trader Trader
Earn 100,000 by trading in the Star Market
Manufacturer Manufacturer
Possess 4 working Factories on a single mission
Windsurfer Windsurfer
Possess 50 working Wind Generators on a single mission
Striker Striker
Launch 100 Cruise Missiles on a single mission
Defender Defender
Intercept 100 enemy missiles in a single mission
Terraformer Terraformer
Spend 50,000 modifying the terrain on a single mission
Galactic Domination Galactic Domination
Complete the campaign
HardCore Player HardCore Player
Complete the campaign choosing Neosun Corp as your opponent in every mission
Scientist Scientist
Research all Missile Technology
Renaissance Man Renaissance Man
Research all Technology
Atomic Man Atomic Man
Possess 3 working Nuclear Power Plants
Blitzcrieg Blitzcrieg
Win a mission in less than 30 minutes
Scout Designer Scout Designer
Create a missile prototype with a Recon Photo System
Boom Time Boom Time
Create a missile prototype with a Explosive Warhead
Lights Out Lights Out
Create a missile prototype with an EMP Warhead
Fat Man Fat Man
Create a missile prototype with a Nuclear Warhead
Devastator Devastator
Destroy all enemy buildings before destroying the enemy Dropship