Dig or Die Achievement List

Escaped! Escaped!
Escape from the planet
Epilogue Epilogue
What do they say about the Marvel movies credits? (Remark: other achievements are deactivated during epilogue)
Brutal Escape Brutal Escape
Escape from the planet in Brutal difficulty
Xenocide Xenocide
Kill even what is not alive
Joined in Hell Joined in Hell
Kill them both
M-M-M-Monster Kill! M-M-M-Monster Kill!
Your AI drone kills 5 monsters in a row (max 0.8s between each kill)
Crystal Multiplication Crystal Multiplication
Generate new Black Crystals.
Amish Paradise Amish Paradise
Finish the game without producing any electricity in Hard or Brutal difficulty.
Run Forest, Run! Run Forest, Run!
Survive the first night without shooting nor crafting anything, in Hard or Brutal difficulty.
Action Man Action Man
Survive the first night without crafting anything, in Brutal difficulty.
Early Dive Early Dive
Reach the underground ocean and go back to the surface, without crafting Auto-Builder MK2, in Hard or Brutal difficulty.
Master Tower Builder Master Tower Builder
Build a tower at least 70 blocks height.
Master Bridge Builder Master Bridge Builder
Build a bridge at least 50 blocks large.
Lucky Shot Lucky Shot
Kill 20 monsters with one single projectile.