Diamond Joyce and the Secrets of Crystal Cave Achievement List

The First Step The First Step
Finish first level!
End of School End of School
Finish tutorial scenario
Tomb Raider Tomb Raider
Finish 20 levels
Diamong Hunter Diamong Hunter
Finish 50 levels
Brain Master Brain Master
Finish 100 levels
Beware Monsters! Beware Monsters!
Killed by a monster!
Collector Collector
Collect 25 diamonds
Archeologist Archeologist
Collect 100 diamonds
King of Hunters King of Hunters
Finish 200 levels
Adventurer Adventurer
1 monster killed
Conan Conan
25 monsters killed
Scenario 2 Scenario 2
Finish 2nd scenario
Scenario 3 Scenario 3
Finish 3rd scenario
Scenario 4 Scenario 4
Finish 4th scenario
Scenario 5 Scenario 5
Finish 5th scenario
Scenario 6 Scenario 6
Finish 6th scenario
Scenario 7 Scenario 7
Finish 7th scenario
Scenario 8 Scenario 8
Finish 8th scenario
Scenario 9 Scenario 9
Finish 9th scenario
Scenario 10 Scenario 10
Finish 10th scenario