Dex Achievement List

Dex Dex
Completed the game
I am invincible! I am invincible!
Showed THE Armagear hacker who’s boss
New circle New circle
Helped an old man off the street
Hackers and children first Hackers and children first
Didn’t leave anyone behind
Back to the kitchen Back to the kitchen
Rescued Shen
The tranquil The tranquil
Found Soto
Hidden Achievement
Tricks of the trade Tricks of the trade
Had a taste of all the ‘professionals’
Bad Cop, Cyber Cop Bad Cop, Cyber Cop
Bested a war machine
Hidden Achievement
Happy ending Happy ending
Reunited ill-fated lover
Hidden Achievement
Twice beaten, twice shy Twice beaten, twice shy
Defeated an old acquaintance for the second time
Hidden Achievement
Forced Mitchell to confront his past
Hidden Achievement
Farewell-we-miss-you Farewell-we-miss-you
Opened Ellie’s eyes
Papers please! Papers please!
Exposed Crash’s identity to the world
Assassin Assassin
Performed 20 Takedowns in a single playthrough
Sniper Sniper
Performed a headshot
Silver-tongued Silver-tongued
Successfully used the Convince option in a dialog
Lock, stock and barrel Lock, stock and barrel
Picked 10 locks
Anti-terrorist Anti-terrorist
Neutralized the TruBody gang
Thug Thug
Reached level 5
Mercenary Mercenary
Reached level 10
Runner Runner
Reached level 15
Light 'em up Light ’em up
Acquired the laser gun
Cyborg Cyborg
Installed 7 implants
Professional Professional
Maximized a Major skill to level 6
Software Engineer Software Engineer
Upgraded a software to its maximum level
Collector Collector
Sold all the antiques to Hank
Gods of Beauty Gods of Beauty
Opened the safe in the Aphrodite
From Prague with love From Prague with love
Opened the safe on the Eclipse
Out with the old Out with the old
Met the new BiofarmTech receptionist
Hidden Achievement
Haven't you been busy? Haven’t you been busy?
Met the original
Hidden Achievement
Ready-Set-Energo! Ready-Set-Energo!
Drank more than 10 Energo Colas
Hidden Achievement
Elevator pitch Elevator pitch
Got crushed by an elevator