Devouring Stars Achievement List

Hephaistos Hephaistos
Discover Hephaistos hideout and survive
Chaos! Chaos!
Rebuild Chaos
Destroyer Destroyer
Destroy more than 4 entities with Phaeton
Furies Furies
Put off the furies
Freeze Freeze
Freeze more than 10 enemies with Aether
All the stars All the stars
Gather all the stars with Curbas
Alone Alone
Start a level with more than 5 enemies against one of yours
Parasite Parasite
Take control of more than 5 units with Clotho
Finish the game Finish the game
Finish the first game cycle
Perfection Perfection
Finish 10 runs in a row without dying
Sniper Sniper
Use Orion more than 5 times
Learned Learned
Access the full reference trees
Armada Armada
Start a run with 8 entities
Crossfire Crossfire
Win against two armies
General General
Fight a strong entity
Enemy portal Enemy portal
Escape through an enemy portal