Detective Hunt – Crownston City PD Achievement List

Runaway Runaway
It was Taheer!
Crime of Passion Crime of Passion
Apprehended Lin
Manslaughter Manslaughter
Apprehended Cross
Free Me! Free Me!
Found the Dealer
Blindsided Blindsided
You know nothing John Koh
Doll Man Doll Man
Found the Doll Man
Mommy messed up Mommy messed up
Appeased the mother
Crownston's Finest Crownston’s Finest
Found the serial killer
Mufasa's Fall Mufasa’s Fall
Found the corrupted cop
You ingrate! You ingrate!
Found the martyr
Not your fault Not your fault
Ending: It’s just a job.
Ending: It’s part of the job
To Serve and Protect To Serve and Protect
Ending: Born for the job
You died You died
You died
There's a cancer growing There’s a cancer growing
Discover a political scandal