Deranged Rabbits Achievement List

First Minutes First Minutes
Play for 15 minutes
Around the Clock Around the Clock
Play for 1 hour
Double Hour Double Hour
Play for 2 hours
Timewaster Timewaster
Play for 5 hours
Lifestyle Lifestyle
Play for 10 hours
Grassland King Grassland King
Complete Happy Grasslands
Desert Legend Desert Legend
Complete Desert of Death
Lord of the Castle Lord of the Castle
Complete Dark Castle
Master of Frost Master of Frost
Complete Frostbite Valley
Ruler of Inferno Ruler of Inferno
Complete Lava Inferno
Green Cabbages Green Cabbages
Get all cabbages on Happy Grasslands
Dry Vegetables Dry Vegetables
Get all cabbages on Desert of Death
Fast in Dark Fast in Dark
Get all cabbages on Dark Castle
Quick on Ice Quick on Ice
Get all cabbages on Frostbite Valley
Infernal Speed Infernal Speed
Get all cabbages on Lava Inferno
Full Vegan Full Vegan
Get all cabbages
Minor Accident Minor Accident
Die 10 times
Bleeder Bleeder
Die 100 times
Murderer Murderer
Die 500 times
Hitman Hitman
Die 1000 times
Undertaker Undertaker
Die 2000 times
Genocide Genocide
Die 5000 times
Tough Life Tough Life
Commit 100 suicides
Bunny Bunny
Jump 100 times
Bunnier Bunnier
Jump 500 times
Bunniest Bunniest
Jump 1000 times
Marathon Marathon
Run for 42 kilometres
Explorer Explorer
Die in 23 different ways
Barf Bucket Barf Bucket
Beat all levels with vomitron mode enabled
Flipped Out Flipped Out
Beat all levels with mirrorworld mode enabled
Feelin' Dizzy Feelin’ Dizzy
Beat all levels with rotator mode enabled
Dumb Cameraman Dumb Cameraman
Beat all levels with farzoom mode enabled