Depths of Fear :: Knossos Achievement List

The Satyr The Satyr
Defeat the Satyr
The Cerberus The Cerberus
Defeat the Cerberus
The Centaur The Centaur
Defeat the Centaur
The Manticore The Manticore
Defeat the Manticore
The Griffin The Griffin
Defeat the Griffin
The Medusa The Medusa
Defeat the Medusa
The Hydra The Hydra
Defeat the Hydra
The Minotaur The Minotaur
Defeat the Minotaur
Unseen Unseen
Level complete without being seen
25 25
Destroy 25 monsters
100 100
Destroy 100 monsters
5 Down 5 Down
Complete 5 ‘unknown’ levels in a row
15 Down 15 Down
Complete 15 ‘unknown’ levels in a row