Deponia Achievement List

Kindergarten Kindergarten
Learn the first steps.
Brushhunter Brushhunter
Good tooth care is important.
Bullseye Bullseye
Always keep an eye on your target.
Demolition Expert Demolition Expert
A good demolition expert doesn’t need a second try.
Stand-In Waiter Stand-In Waiter
Did someone order an Espresso?
Missing Postage Missing Postage
What do you mean “not enough postage“?
That seems about right... That seems about right…
I can sort my pigeons without your help.
Hussa - Who's gonna care? Hussa – Who’s gonna care?
Finally made it out of Kuvaq.
DIY'er DIY’er
I can assemble that all on my own.
Newton would be proud Newton would be proud
Lets see… what else could I invert?
Master Of Switches Master Of Switches
Help? Just to adjust a few switches? Well, you can count me out!
Hussa - Get On With The Plot! Hussa – Get On With The Plot!
And so the journey continues…
Lever lover Lever lover
These levers just HAVE to make some sense .
Gourmet Gourmet
A true gourmet is not afraid to try something new!
Paradox Paradox
Meet yourself.
History of Deponia History of Deponia
Inform yourself explicitly about Deponia.
Loving The Truth Loving The Truth
Say, Goal…
Droggeljug Droggeljug