Demon Truck Achievement List

Road Reaver Road Reaver
Defeat 666 enemies
The Hellion The Hellion
Boost for 6.66 continuous seconds
All Guns Blazing All Guns Blazing
Equip 5 Hellgunz in one run
Great Duke of the Freeway Great Duke of the Freeway
Vanquish 18 bosses
Driven Before You Driven Before You
Run over 666 enemies
Under the Wheels Under the Wheels
Boost through 666 obstacles
Racing Towards the Next Hell Racing Towards the Next Hell
Complete 16 waves in one run
Comedy Gold Comedy Gold
Destroy 6 enemies with one tossed clown
Runnin' on Fumes Runnin’ on Fumes
Begin and end a boss battle with one heart remaining
Crazy Clown Crew Crazy Clown Crew
Equip 3 Clown Tossers in one run
Aggressive Passivity Aggressive Passivity
Clear wave 5 or higher without firing your weapons
Unwritten Book of the Road Unwritten Book of the Road
Take 3 shots from the same laser scorpion
The Devil's Hand The Devil’s Hand
Select the left hand upgrade 6 straight times in one run
Come and Get It Come and Get It
Defeat 66 rivals
Hell Bent for Leather Hell Bent for Leather
Earn 100% Score Bonus in one game