Demon Hearts Achievement List

Vanquisher Vanquisher
Complete game with Snow.
Can I Has Achievement? Can I Has Achievement?
Complete game with Chata.
Heavenly Contract Heavenly Contract
Complete game with Angel.
Completionist Completionist
Complete all main levels with all characters.
Hidden Achievement
Dev Slayer Dev Slayer
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Old School Exploration Old School Exploration
Find The Secret World.
Almost Pacifist Almost Pacifist
Kill Verdus without killing any of his minions.
Stop! Demon Police! Stop! Demon Police!
Defeat Azuro in Demon Mode.
Anti Demon Anti Demon
Defeat Verdus in Demon Mode.
True Demon Slayer True Demon Slayer
Defeat Rojon in Demon Mode.
Over Nine Thousand Over Nine Thousand
Jump 9000 times.
Number of the Beast Number of the Beast
Kill 666 Demons.