Defend Your Life Achievement List

Medic Medic
Kill 1.000 enemies
Doctor Doctor
Kill 2.000 enemies
Chuck Norris Chuck Norris
Kill 4.000 enemies
Boss killer Boss killer
Kill boss
Victory Victory
Kill cancer
Hate worms Hate worms
Kill 40 duna worm pro
Builder Builder
Build 200 towers
Engineer Engineer
Build 600 towers
Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla
Build 200 tesla towers
Artilleryman Artilleryman
Build 100 artillery towers
Electrician Electrician
Use 150 bonus electroshock
Bombara Bombara
Use 150 bonus bomb
Crank Crank
Use 75 bonus adrenaline
First win First win
Win one level
Rescuer brain Rescuer brain
Win level in the brain
Shopper Shopper
10 buying in the store
The destroyer bridges The destroyer bridges
Destroy the bridge
Daring Daring
Call 100 waves early
Tabletsman Tabletsman
Get 100 tablets
Super hero Super hero
Get hero to level 50