Defend Your Crypt Achievement List

The hidden gold The hidden gold
Finish all levels.
Water trap Water trap
Kill 3 thieves with the water trap at the same time.
Don't gotta go fast Don’t gotta go fast
Complete one level without speed up.
One coin left One coin left
Complete one level with only 1 gold unit left.
High five! High five!
Watch two thieves doing a High Five!
Sad looters Sad looters
Make 1 thief sad.
Stamp maker Stamp maker
Kill 200 thieves with a crusher trap.
Pyromaniac Pyromaniac
Burn 30 thieves.
Looter repeler Looter repeler
Kill 10 thieves.
Looter murderer Looter murderer
Kill 100 thieves.
Looter assassination Looter assassination
Kill 150 thieves.
Mass killing Mass killing
Kill 250 thieves.
Carnage Carnage
Kill 500 thieves.
Megadeath Megadeath
Kill 1.000 thieves.
Over 2.000 deaths! Over 2.000 deaths!
Kill 2.000 thieves.
That's my gold! That’s my gold!
Complete one level without losing any gold.