Deep Space Dash Achievement List

Cruel World Cruel World
Die once
Novice Novice
Run 100 meters
Getting closer Getting closer
Run 10.000 meters
True runner True runner
Run 100.000 meters
I am going to throw up I am going to throw up
Turn 500 times
Gotta go higher Gotta go higher
Get thrown into the air by the boost powerup 250 times
Need for boost Need for boost
Pick up 1000 boost powerups
I need time to plan my next move I need time to plan my next move
Pick up 100 slow motion powerups
Savage Savage
Hit 100 bombs
Long lasting Long lasting
Last for 100 seconds or more
Determined runner Determined runner
Run 5.000 meters in a single run
Can't bomb me Can’t bomb me
Hit no bombs while your run ends by being out of time
Dead end Dead end
Forget to turn..Oops..