Deep Dungeons of Doom Achievement List

Small Steps Small Steps
Clear the Sewer
Veteran Veteran
Clear 3 dungeons
Banisher Banisher
Clear 6 dungeons
Hero Hero
Clear the Deepest Dungeons of Doom
Investigator Investigator
Find one secret
Occultist Occultist
Find 3 secrets
Librarian Librarian
Find 6 secrets
Master of Secrets Master of Secrets
Find 10 secrets
First Blood First Blood
Die for the first time
Merciful Blow Merciful Blow
Die in a single hit with full health
Not yet Not yet
Use a revenge bonus
Arcade Arcade
Use a revive
It's not Safe here It’s not Safe here
Drink poison and die
Dead by Dawn Dead by Dawn
Die on a dungeon first floor
Paladin Paladin
Buy a level 6 skill with the Crusader
The Saint The Saint
Buy all Crusader skills
Firemancer Firemancer
Buy a level 6 skill with the Witch
The Succubus The Succubus
Buy all Witch skills
Assassin Assassin
Buy a level 6 skill with the Mercenary
The Shadowblade The Shadowblade
Buy all Mercenary skills
Hell's Shores Hell’s Shores
Reach the floor 10 on DDD
First Circle First Circle
Reach the floor 30 on DDD
Second Circle Second Circle
Reach the floor 60 on DDD
Third Circle Third Circle
Reach the floor 100 on DDD
Fourth Circle Fourth Circle
Reach the floor 160 on DDD
Fifth Circle Fifth Circle
Reach the floor 200 on DDD
Sixth Circle Sixth Circle
Reach the floor 260 on DDD
Seventh Circle Seventh Circle
Reach the floor 300 on DDD
Eighth Circle Eighth Circle
Reach the floor 360 on DDD
Ninth Circle Ninth Circle
Reach the floor 666 on DDD
Barely a Scratch Barely a Scratch
Completing a dungeon with 1 hp
Not Drinking Not Drinking
Completing a dungeon without using any potions
Lucky Strike Lucky Strike
Causing more than 100 points of damage in one hit
Undying Undying
Taking more than 20 points of damage in one fight
Beowulf Beowulf
Slay the Icy Caves’ boss while carrying no equipment
Cleaning the Sewers Cleaning the Sewers
Kill a zombie
Undead Slayer Undead Slayer
Kill 50 undead monsters
Beast Slayer Beast Slayer
Kill 50 beast monsters
Killer Killer
Kill 50 human monsters
Counting Corpses Counting Corpses
Kill 100 monsters
Genocide Genocide
Kill 1000 monsters
Pillager Pillager
Collect 300 gold
Greedy Greedy
Collect 500 gold
Monopoly Monopoly
Collect 1000 gold
Making Savings Making Savings
Collect 5000 gold
Treasure Hoarder Treasure Hoarder
Collect 10000 gold