Deep Black : Reloaded Achievement List

Antillia Antillia
Complete the Act 1
Dagon Dagon
Complete the Act 2
Sargasso Sargasso
Complete the Act 3
Pescadero Pescadero
Complete the Act 4
Triton Triton
Complete the Act 5
Critical Massacre Critical Massacre
Kill 100 human enemies
Depth Charge Depth Charge
Kill 50 drone enemies
Hammer of Vulcan Hammer of Vulcan
Kill 5 AD-4 Vulcan Engineers
Pain in the Membrane Pain in the Membrane
Get 50 headshots with any weapon
Open Minded Open Minded
Get 5 headshots in a row with the Sniper Rifle
Trigger Happy Trigger Happy
Kill 50 Shotgunners
Nice Ghoul Like You Nice Ghoul Like You
Reprogram 10 UD-3 Ghoul Scouts
Up Close and Personal Up Close and Personal
Kill one of each enemy type with a melee attack
Shotgun Wetting Shotgun Wetting
Get 50 shotgun kills
Intel Analyst Intel Analyst
Recover 10 data discs
Electromagnetic Pulp Electromagnetic Pulp
Kill 20 enemies with the EMP attachment grenade
Multifaceted Multifaceted
Win a multiplayer match on each of the 5 maps
Jormungand Jormungand
Win a match without dying
Bahamut Bahamut
Get 5 kills in a row without dying
Megalodon Megalodon
Get 15 kills in a row without dying