Death Stair Achievement List

Over Achiever Over Achiever
See Every Award Once
P.A.R.T Why? P.A.R.T Why?
Win 5 Consecutive Party Mode Matches
Stair Master Stair Master
Play 200 Matches of Any Type
House Party House Party
Play a Local Match With 4 Players
Long Distance Long Distance
Play a 4 Player Online Match
Somehow Still Conscious Somehow Still Conscious
Get Hit as a Runner 5000 Times
Lose 1 Online Match
There's Too Many of Them There’s Too Many of Them
Use 50,000 Ammo Across All Modes
One of Everything One of Everything
Get Hit as the Runner With Every Ammo Type in the Game
 Invite Only Invite Only
Invite a Friend to an Online Match
Character Study Character Study
Play as Every Character
Hidden Achievement
Stairs for Days! Stairs for Days!
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