Death Skid Marks Achievement List

Mecha Skid Mecha Skid
Get all other achievements.
They're all dead! They’re all dead!
Kill 25000 people in all games combined.
That concert! That concert!
Finish the game and get the good ending.
No Ticket! No Ticket!
Finish the game and get the bad ending.
The Messiah. The Messiah.
Finish the game and die for their wins.
It's no use. It’s no use.
Finish the game and get the very bad ending.
Did it all. Did it all.
Unlock by seeing all four main endings.
Panzerfaust. Panzerfaust.
Destroy one of the tank groupies.
Jenny5 dissassembled. Jenny5 dissassembled.
Destroy Jenny5.
Roswell 666. Roswell 666.
Destroy the groupie from outer space.
Saw. Saw.
Destroy the saw groupies.
Mastermind. Mastermind.
Destroy the brain groupie.
Bandcruiser. Bandcruiser.
Destroy the landcruiser groupies.
Clown. Clown.
Destroy the Clowns.
Anarchy. Anarchy.
Bring the punk to the concert.
Bear. Bear.
Bring the bear to the concert.
Enraged. Enraged.
Bring the rager to the concert.
Metal! Metal!
Bring the black metal head to the concert.
Sadness. Sadness.
Bring the emo to the concert.
Fat Blood. Fat Blood.
Bring the goth to the concert.
The Pain! The Pain!
Bring the gimp to the concert.
Bucketlist. Bucketlist.
Bring the terminal patient to the concert.
ET thrash home. ET thrash home.
Bring the alien to the concert.
Guns and fun. Guns and fun.
Bring the veteran to the concert.
Change. Change.
Bring the hobo to the concert.
Horsey. Horsey.
Bring the horse to the concert.
Rumble! Rumble!
Bring the wrestler to the concert.
Hockey! Hockey!
Bring the road warrior to the concert.
Brutal peace. Brutal peace.
Bring the hippie to the concert.
BJ/HJ/whatever. BJ/HJ/whatever.
Bring the street worker to the concert.