Dead Stop Achievement List

Anarchist Anarchist
Destroy 150 obstacles.
Born Ready Born Ready
Rush the Zombie waves 50 times.
Clear Conscience Clear Conscience
Complete 30 levels with a 3-star rating.
Vandal Vandal
Destroy 50 obstacles.
Thug Thug
Destroy 25 obstacles.
Empty Silo Empty Silo
Launch rockets 30 times.
I Saved the World Today I Saved the World Today
Complete all campaign levels.
Invinsible Invinsible
Survive 50 waves in the Survival Mode.
Make a Stand Make a Stand
Eliminate 500 zombies.
It`s a Trap! It`s a Trap!
Complete a level using only traps.
Maniac Maniac
Play the game 5 hours straight.
Prepared Prepared
Complete the tutorial level.
Piggy Bank Piggy Bank
Collect 1 000 coins.
Push Them Back Push Them Back
Eliminate 4 500 zombies.
Stop the Tide Stop the Tide
Eliminate 1 500 zombies.
Stuffed Wallet Stuffed Wallet
Collect 10 000 coins.
Swift Learner Swift Learner
Improve your scores 10 times.
The Adept The Adept
Use Powers 25 times.
The Architect The Architect
Build 500 towers.
The Builder The Builder
Build 250 towers.
The Craftsman The Craftsman
Use Powers 50 times.
The Master The Master
Use Powers 100 times.
The Tinker The Tinker
Build 100 towers.
Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet
Find 30 birds.