Dead State Achievement List

Be It Ever So Humble Be It Ever So Humble
Fully upgraded the Shelter.
Salvage Master Salvage Master
Picked up 500 parts.
Big Pharm Big Pharm
Stocked 100 Antibiotics.
Cornucopia Cornucopia
Stocked 1000 Food.
Luxurious Luxurious
Stocked 1000 in Luxury Items.
Apocalyptic Santa Apocalyptic Santa
Description – Gave 25 Special Luxury Items to allies
Discovered all the passwords for data items.
Sightseer Sightseer
Traveled 1000 mi.
Guiding Hand Guiding Hand
Resolved a Crisis Event.
Full House Full House
Rescued every survivor in the game.
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter
Killed over 50 undead.
The Real Enemy The Real Enemy
Killed over 50 humans.