Dead Realm Achievement List

My First Haunting My First Haunting
Reap your first victim
Children's Fairy Tale Children’s Fairy Tale
Reap 20 Victims
Spooky Scary Spooky Scary
Win 50 games as the ghost
Is It Gone? Is It Gone?
Win 1 game as a human
Legendary Ghost Juker Legendary Ghost Juker
Win 50 games as a human
What Time Is It? What Time Is It?
Collect 50 Pocket Watches
I'm Outta Here I’m Outta Here
Escape the Portal 10 Times
Screaming Banshees Screaming Banshees
Drop 30 Banshees
Bubbilicious Bubbilicious
Use 50 Bubbles
Hidden Achievement
Time is of the Essence Time is of the Essence
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
The Secret is Out The Secret is Out
Play as the Hidden for the first time
Jump Around Jump Around
Pounce 10 times
I am going to get you sucka I am going to get you sucka
Kill player with Lunge
Hidden Theory Hidden Theory
Play as the hidden 10 times
Bombs Away Bombs Away
Kill a Human with a grenade
Ghost Slayer Ghost Slayer
Kill the Hidden
Lock and Load Lock and Load
You used the AK74 10 Times
I see you now I see you now
You used the Sonar Device 10 Times