Dead Island: Epidemic Achievement List

Effective Killer Effective Killer
Kill 10 Players during a Scavenger mission
Met with Sinamoi Met with Sinamoi
Survive the Tutorial
Joined the Amaia battlefield Joined the Amaia battlefield
Finish a Scavenger mission
Largest of prey Largest of prey
Finish a cooperative PvE mission
Zombies are my friends Zombies are my friends
Complete a mission while playing with a party
Hoarder Therapy Hoarder Therapy
Deliver 150 supplies during a Scavenger mission
Clean sweep Clean sweep
Kill 100 Walkers during a Scavenger mission
Expansive mind Expansive mind
Capture five Supply points during a Scavenger mission
Hoarder therapist Hoarder therapist
Kill a Hoarder during a Scavenger mission
Double kill Double kill
Kill two players consecutively within 10 seconds in a Scavenger mission.
Triple kill Triple kill
Kill three players consecutively within 10 seconds in a Scavenger mission.
Multi kill Multi kill
Kill four players consecutively within 10 seconds in a Scavenger mission.
Home for dinner Home for dinner
Win a Scavenger mission within 20 minutes
Rule #1: Cardio Rule #1: Cardio
Win a Scavenger mission without dying
Just going through Just going through
Kill 100 Walkers during a cooperative PvE mission
Untouchable Untouchable
Complete a cooperative PvE mission without dying
Great attack Great attack
Kill 5 Zombies with one attack/skill
Massive attack Massive attack
Kill 10 Zombies with one attack/skill
Above the rest Above the rest
Win a Scavenger mission with atleast 200 supplies ahead of the other teams
First on scene First on scene
Be the first team to complete the Barricade Race during a Scavenger mission
Supplies secured Supplies secured
Control 4 Supply points at the same time during a Scavenger mission
Scavenger 10 Scavenger 10
Complete 10 Scavenger Hunt Missions
Scavenger 100 Scavenger 100
Complete 100 Scavenger Hunt Missions
Scavenger 250 Scavenger 250
Complete 250 Scavenger Hunt Missions
Scavenger 1 000 Scavenger 1 000
Complete 1 000 Scavenger Hunt Missions
Scavenger 2 500 Scavenger 2 500
Complete 2 500 Scavenger Hunt Missions
Hunter 10 Hunter 10
Complete 10 cooperative PvE missions
Hunter 100 Hunter 100
Complete 100 cooperative PvE missions
Hunter 250 Hunter 250
Complete 250 cooperative PvE missions
Hunter 1 000 Hunter 1 000
Complete 1 000 cooperative PvE missions
Hunter 2 500 Hunter 2 500
Complete 2 500 cooperative PvE missions
Blueprint collector Blueprint collector
Obtain 5 Weapon Blueprints
Bag of Blueprints Bag of Blueprints
Obtain 25 Weapon Blueprints
Box of Blueprints Box of Blueprints
Obtain 75 Weapon Blueprints
Blueprint library Blueprint library
Obtain 150 Weapon Blueprints
Novice craftsman Novice craftsman
Craft 10 weapons
Adept craftsman Adept craftsman
Craft 50 weapons
Intermediate craftsman Intermediate craftsman
Craft 150 weapons
Journeyman craftsman Journeyman craftsman
Craft 250 weapons
Master craftsman Master craftsman
Craft 500 weapons
Zombie abuser Zombie abuser
Kill 100 Zombies!
Zombie killer Zombie killer
Kill 1 000 Zombies!
Zombie butcher Zombie butcher
Kill 10 000 Zombies!
Zombie Genociderer Zombie Genociderer
Kill 53 597 Zombies!
Zombie onslaught Zombie onslaught
Kill 100 000 Zombies!
Zombie massacre Zombie massacre
Kill 250 000 Zombies!
Zombie obliterator Zombie obliterator
Kill 1 000 000 Zombies!
Bully Bully
Kill 25 enemy players
Blood spatter analyst Blood spatter analyst
Kill 250 enemy players
Executioner Executioner
Kill 1 000 enemy players
Mass murder Mass murder
Kill 10 000 enemy players
Sir Kill á lot Sir Kill á lot
Kill 25 000 enemy players
Serial killer Serial killer
Kill 100 enemy players
Zombie slayer Zombie slayer
Kill 25 000 Zombies!