Dead Age Achievement List

Wave Rider Wave Rider
Survive 3 encounters in which attackers approach in waves.
Wave Fighter Wave Fighter
Survive 10 encounters in which attackers approach in waves.
Survivor Survivor
Survive for 3 or more days.
Survival Expert Survival Expert
Survive for 10 or more days.
Survival Master Survival Master
Survived until day 20.
Survival Grandmaster Survival Grandmaster
Survived until day 33.
Family Samaritan Family Samaritan
Accept three trade deals made by the hungry family.
Family Bleeding Heart Family Bleeding Heart
Accept six trade offers made by the hungry family.
Resilient Resilient
Turn down three offers made by the hungry family.
Civilian's Protector Civilian’s Protector
Rescue 3 civilians.
Civilian's Savior Civilian’s Savior
Rescue 6 civilians.
Civilian's Hero Civilian’s Hero
Rescue 10 civilians.
Shop Newbie Shop Newbie
Make a purchase at the shop.
Shop Regular Shop Regular
Buy three things at the shop.
Shop Expert Shop Expert
Buy six objects at the shop.
Craft Rookie Craft Rookie
Craft an item.
Craft Adept Craft Adept
Craft three items.
Craft Master Craft Master
Craft six items.
Survivor Bill Survivor Bill
Bill reaches camp alive.
Survivor Hank Survivor Hank
Hank reaches camp alive.
Survivor Jamal Survivor Jamal
Jamal reaches camp alive.
Survivor James Survivor James
James reaches camp alive.
Survivor Jennifer Survivor Jennifer
Jennifer reaches camp alive.
Survivor Larissa Survivor Larissa
Larissa reaches camp alive.
Survivor Liz Survivor Liz
Liz reaches camp alive.
Survivor Lydia Survivor Lydia
Lydia reaches camp alive.
Survivor Mary Survivor Mary
Mary reaches camp alive.
Survivor Mason Survivor Mason
Mason reaches camp alive.
Survivor Sharon Survivor Sharon
Sharon reaches camp alive.
Survivor Terence Survivor Terence
Survivor Terence
Failed Ending 1 Failed Ending 1
Unlock the early ending on day 20.
Failed Ending 2 Failed Ending 2
Unlock the early ending in the desert.
Failed Ending 3 Failed Ending 3
Unlock the ending in which you fail to reach the bunker.
Successful Ending 1 Successful Ending 1
Unlock the bare minimum success ending.
Successful Ending 2 Successful Ending 2
Complete with game and defeat the punks.
Successful Ending 3 Successful Ending 3
Complete the game and save the world.
Unromanceable Unromanceable
Complete the game without falling in love.
Romance Jennifer Romance Jennifer
Complete the game in love with Jennifer.
Romance Larissa Romance Larissa
Complete the game in love with Larissa.
Romance Lydia Romance Lydia
Complete the game in love with Lydia.
Rager Fighter Rager Fighter
Defeat 3 Ragers.
Rager Killer Rager Killer
Defeat 10 Ragers.
Cheerleader Fighter Cheerleader Fighter
Defeat 3 Cheerleader.
Cheerleader Killer Cheerleader Killer
Defeat 10 Cheerleader.
Wolf Fighter Wolf Fighter
Defeat 3 Wolves.
Wolf Killer Wolf Killer
Defeat 10 Wolves.
Boss Fighter Boss Fighter
Defeat 3 bosses.
Cowboy Fighter Cowboy Fighter
Defeat 3 undead cowboys.
Cowboy Killer Cowboy Killer
Defeat 10 undead cowboys.
Prisoner Fighter Prisoner Fighter
Defeat 3 undead prisoners.
Prisoner Killer Prisoner Killer
Defeat 10 undead prisoners.
Patient Fighter Patient Fighter
Defeat 3 infected patients.
Patient Killer Patient Killer
Defeat 10 infected patients.
Scavenger Fighter Scavenger Fighter
Defeat 3 scavengers.
Scavenger Killer Scavenger Killer
Defeat 10 scavengers.
Undead Scavenger Fighter Undead Scavenger Fighter
Defeat 3 undead scavengers.
Undead Scavenger Killer Undead Scavenger Killer
Defeat 10 undead scavengers.
Undead Cop Fighter Undead Cop Fighter
Defeat 3 undead cops.
Undead Cop Killer Undead Cop Killer
Defeat 10 undead cops.
Punk Fighter Punk Fighter
Defeat 3 punks.
Punk Killer Punk Killer
Defeat 10 punks.
Undead Punk Fighter Undead Punk Fighter
Defeate 3 undead punks.
Undead Punk Killer Undead Punk Killer
Defeate 10 undead punks.
Hound Fighter Hound Fighter
Defeat 3 German Shepherds.
Hound Killer Hound Killer
Defeat 10 German Shepherds.
Wallstreet Shark Wallstreet Shark
Defeat 3 suits.
Wallstreet Assassin Wallstreet Assassin
Defeat 10 suits.
Soldier Fighter Soldier Fighter
Defeat 3 soldiers.
Soldier Killer Soldier Killer
Defeat 10 soldiers.
Undead Soldier Fighter Undead Soldier Fighter
Defeat 3 undead soldiers.
Undead Soldier Killer Undead Soldier Killer
Defeat 10 undead soldiers.
Undead Scientist Fighter Undead Scientist Fighter
Defeat 3 scientists.
Undead Scientist Killer Undead Scientist Killer
Defeat 10 scientists.
Undead Civilian Fighter Undead Civilian Fighter
Defeat 3 undead civilians.
Undead Civilian Killer Undead Civilian Killer
Defeat 10 undead civilians.
Bitten Pedestrian Fighter Bitten Pedestrian Fighter
Defeat 3 Bitten Pedestrians.
Bitten Pedestrian Killer Bitten Pedestrian Killer
Defeat 10 Bitten Pedestrians.