Dark Parables: The Swan Princess and The Dire Tree Collector’s Edition Achievement List

Ultimate Eye Ultimate Eye
Find six objects in 8 seconds.
Seeker Seeker
Find 200 objects.
Precision Precision
Finish a HOP without any mistakes.
Perfection Perfection
Finish 3 HOPs without using a hint in 60 seconds.
Quick Mind Quick Mind
Solve a mini-game in under 30 seconds.
Puzzler Puzzler
Solve 3 mini-games without skipping.
Swift Feet Swift Feet
Use fast travel via the map one time.
Art of the Game Art of the Game
Watch the entire credits.
Sage Sage
Collect all parables.
Sign Collector Sign Collector
Collect all hidden signs.
Rank Chaser! Rank Chaser!
Achieve gold medals in all HOP scenes from the extras menu.
Supreme Achiever Supreme Achiever
Collect every souvenir.