Damned Achievement List

Sherlock Sherlock
Pick a silver key
Hammer time Hammer time
Pick a hammer or crowbar
Black Lake Asylum Black Lake Asylum
Win at the Black Lake Asylum
Bodom Hotel Bodom Hotel
Win at the Bodom Hotel
Bright Hotel Bright Hotel
Win at the Bright Hotel
Factory Factory
Win at the Factory
Hund Hills Asylum Hund Hills Asylum
Win at the Hund Hills Asylum
Pines Grill Restaurant Pines Grill Restaurant
Win at the Pines Grill Restaurant
Rose Crimson Hotel Rose Crimson Hotel
Win at the Rose Crimson Hotel
Serenity Asylum Serenity Asylum
Win at the Serenity Asylum
Warehouse Warehouse
Win at the Warehouse
Escapist Escapist
Win at all stages
Disorder Disorder
Win 10 games
Damned Damned
Win 50 games
Life Zero Life Zero
Survive with no lives remaining
Last man standing Last man standing
Survive alone with the other three survivors dead
No man stands alone No man stands alone
Escape with all four survivors
Key chain Key chain
Unlock 25 doors
Locksmith Locksmith
Unlock 100 doors
Unlocked Unlocked
Break six wooden barricades
How do I handle all these keys How do I handle all these keys
Hold more than 10 items
Charge up! Charge up!
Pick up to 30 batteries
Lurker Lurker
Win a game as Lurker
Phantom Phantom
Win a game as Phantom
Mary Mary
Win a game as Mary
No fun allowed No fun allowed
Kill a survivor in the first transformation
I see you I see you
With Phantom, see all four survivors
Berserker Berserker
Kill all survivors in a single transformation
Trapper Trapper
Activate 25 traps
It's a trap! It’s a trap!
Activate 100 traps
John John
Kill John
Scott Scott
Kill Scott
Mia Mia
Kill Mia
Jacob Jacob
Kill Jacob
Hates everyone equally Hates everyone equally
Kill all the four different survivors
Kill'em all Kill’em all
Kill 15 survivors
Monstrosity Monstrosity
Kill 30 survivors