Daemon Detective Gaiden Achievement List

Love at First Sight Love at First Sight
Clear New Magma City and defeat the Kabeshaite.
Song of Fire And Ice Song of Fire And Ice
Clear Howling Mountain and defeat the Aquamentus.
Call the Doctor! Call the Doctor!
Clear Darkwood Hospital and defeat Dr.Doropo.
Reap What You Sow Reap What You Sow
Clear Daemonic Beach and defeat the Reaper.
Drop the Acid Drop the Acid
Clear Polluted Factory and defeat Ina.
Another Castle Another Castle
Clear Rich Oni’s Castle and defeat the Rich Oni.
This Cave Is Creepy This Cave Is Creepy
Clear the Forgotten Vault and defeat the Reaper.
Jackpot! Jackpot!
Clear Los Veggies City and defeat the Wheel Of Fate.
Sewer Heist Sewer Heist
Unlock and clear Sewer King’s Stash.
King Of The Hill King Of The Hill
Unlock and clear Mountainside Struggle.
Zombie Smasher Zombie Smasher
Unlock and clear Sands Of The Dead.
Nice Vacation Nice Vacation
Unlock and clear Lethal Resort.
What a Horrible Night! What a Horrible Night!
Unlock and clear Curse Of The Sphinx.
Isn't That Lucky Isn’t That Lucky
Unlock and clear Lucky Gold Hall.
Your Blood Is Boiling   Your Blood Is Boiling
Unlock and clear Hot Water Fortress.
Sugar-Sweet Reunion Sugar-Sweet Reunion
Free Sugar from her cage.
Super Brothers Super Brothers
Free Matt from his cage.
Count on the Countess Count on the Countess
Free Anikel from her cage.
Museum Visitor Museum Visitor
Collect 25% of the stolen paintings.
Art Lover Art Lover
Collect 50% of the stolen paintings.
Tour Guide Tour Guide
Collect 75% of the stolen paintings.
Apprentice Detective Apprentice Detective
Get 25% of the possible stage rank stars.
Average Detective Average Detective
Get 50% of the possible stage rank stars.
Qualified Detective  Qualified Detective
Get 75% of the possible stage rank stars.
Sequel pls? Sequel pls?
Collect all paintings and get a 3-star rank on all stages.
That Escalated Quickly... That Escalated Quickly…
Clear the tutorial level.
Simon Says Simon Says
Deal the final blow to a boss with a whip attack.
Certified Trap Tester Certified Trap Tester
Die a thousand times.
Pocket Change Pocket Change
Collect a total of 1,000 coins.
Save 'em up Save ’em up
Collect a total of 10,000 coins.
Millionaire Millionaire
Collect a total of one million coins.
Daemon Hunter Daemon Hunter
Kill 100 enemies.
Daemon Slayer Daemon Slayer
Kill 500 enemies.
Daemon Vanquisher Daemon Vanquisher
Kill a thousand enemies.
Block Janitor Block Janitor
Raid 100 item blocks.
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Raid 1000 item blocks.
Relic Hunter Relic Hunter
Raid ten thousand item blocks.
Daemonica Tourist Daemonica Tourist
Clear 10 stages.
Netherworld Explorer Netherworld Explorer
Clear 50 stages.
Riverman of Styx Riverman of Styx
Clear 150 stages.
Rookie Gardener Rookie Gardener
Use 50 power-ups in stages.
Flower Farmer Flower Farmer
Use 100 power-ups in stages.
Transformation Master Transformation Master
Use 500 power-ups in stages.
King of the Ring King of the Ring
Clear the Boss Rush mode for the first time.
Overlord  Overlord
Clear Boss Rush without taking any damage.
We got it, 'kay? We got it, ‘kay?
Clear the tutorial with all characters.
Master Detective Master Detective
Beat every single level with Yal.
Master Scientist Master Scientist
Beat every single level with Matt.
Little Sister Nuke Little Sister Nuke
Beat every single level with Sugar.
Refined Lady Refined Lady
Beat every single level with Anikel.
Been there, done that Been there, done that
Clear every single level with all characters.