Cycle Of Tyrfing Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
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Rise Again! Rise Again!
Die in battle
Mimir Vanquisher Mimir Vanquisher
Kill Mimir
Pest Control Pest Control
Kill Evney
Good boy Good boy
Kill Skoll
God Slayer God Slayer
Kill Hela
Killing Machine Killing Machine
kill 50 enemies in 1 run
Space Viking: Helheim Space Viking: Helheim
Explore and Find all off Helheim’s Secrets
Return The Favour Return The Favour
Use a Quick Counter to Kill an Enemy
Killer Weed Killer Killer Weed Killer
Kill The Corpse Plant
Berserker Level 1 Berserker Level 1
Kill 100 enemies in 1 run
Helheim: Dominated Helheim: Dominated
Score an A on Helheim Cycle