Crystal Catacombs Achievement List

Welcome to Crystal Catacombs... Welcome to Crystal Catacombs…
First death of the game
Conquer Keepenstein Conquer Keepenstein
Beat Keepenstein for the first time
Lacerate Lost Jungle Lacerate Lost Jungle
Beat Lost Jungle for the first time
Pulverize the Pitt Pulverize the Pitt
Beat the Pitt for the first time
Defeat Deep Darkness Defeat Deep Darkness
Beat Deep Darkness for the first time
Impair the Ice Fortress Impair the Ice Fortress
Beat the Ice Fortress for the first time
Quit Hitting Yourself Quit Hitting Yourself
Defeat Dark Vasil
Restraining Order Restraining Order
Defeat the Destroyer
The Collector The Collector
Collect all the Monster Cards
Meat Grinder Meat Grinder
Beat 30 levels on Survival