Crush Your Enemies Achievement List

To the center of Generia! To the center of Generia!
Complete Brog The Barbarian’s campaign.
The prophecy is true The prophecy is true
Complete Fuzgut The Destroyer’s campaign.
First blood First blood
Win the first battle in Generia.
I have no idea what this does I have no idea what this does
Collect your first beer.
Party starter Party starter
Collect 50 pints of beer.
...and kegs will take care of themselves …and kegs will take care of themselves
Collect 500 pints of beer.
The foundation of barbarism The foundation of barbarism
Impale 3 of your enemies’ heads.
The basics of barbarism The basics of barbarism
Impale 20 of your enemies’ heads.
Revolutionary barbarism Revolutionary barbarism
Impale 50 of your enemies’ heads.
Absolute barbarism Absolute barbarism
Impale 123 of your enemies’ heads.
Boredom extermination! Boredom extermination!
Crush 1,000 Generian fighters.
Monotony crushed! Monotony crushed!
Crush 10,000 Generian fighters.
Genericide! Genericide!
Crush 20,000 Generian fighters.
Playing dirty Playing dirty
Use the Dummy Barbarian 10 times.
Breakfast with Charlie Sheen Breakfast with Charlie Sheen
Use the Shroom Moonshine 10 times.
Gangbang your enemies! Gangbang your enemies!
Crush an enemy group using Warriors and Archers with Wizards to support them both.
Crushing streak! Crushing streak!
Complete 3 objectives in 4 different battles in a row.
Blow up your enemies? Are we Bomberman now? Blow up your enemies? Are we Bomberman now?
Kill 40 enemies at once with your Spiky Mine.
Death Death
Win a multiplayer battle.
Megadeth Megadeth
Win 10 multiplayer battles.
Manowar Manowar
Play 100 multiplayer battles.
Suicidal tendencies Suicidal tendencies
Lose multiplayer battles in 5 different locations.
Hit 'em with economy! Hit ’em with economy!
Take over all the farms and survive until the enemy has no food left.
Take care of the pints... Take care of the pints…
Collect 200 pints of beer.