Crowntakers Achievement List

The Party The Party
Have a team of 5 mercenaries in one party.
The Expert The Expert
Have a mercenary reach level 10.
The Tension The Tension
Reach the last region before the final showdown.
The Deal The Deal
Buy a rune from the Thief Master.
The Best The Best
Triumph over your Nemesis.
The Knight The Knight
Triumph over the Black Knight.
The Wolf The Wolf
Triumph over the Wolf Lord.
The Barbarian The Barbarian
Triumph over the Barbarian Chief.
The Player The Player
Win at every game available in the inns.
The Weapon The Weapon
Reach the maximum level of a weapon.
The Armor The Armor
Reach the maximum level of a piece of armor.
The Explorer The Explorer
Find and interact with all 4 legendary locations.
The Rubberneck The Rubberneck
Touch 6 monoliths.
The Insomniac The Insomniac
Finish the game without using a campfire.
The Accident The Accident
One mercenary knocks out another with collateral damage.
The Philanthropist The Philanthropist
Complete all co-op quests in the game at least once.
The Burglar The Burglar
Lock pick 15 chests.
The Contents The Contents
Unlock all mercenaries and their archetypes.
The Victory The Victory
Finish the game in easy mode.
The Hardship The Hardship
Finish the game in normal mode.
The End The End
Finish the game in less than 18 days.
The Matrix The Matrix
Visit the behind-the-scenes map.
The Archer The Archer
Unlock Halfarus’ secret item.
The Spearman The Spearman
Unlock Darion’s secret item.
The Crossbowman The Crossbowman
Unlock Meledar’s secret item.
The Paladin The Paladin
Unlock Theogal’s secret item.
The Banneret The Banneret
Unlock Melic’s secret item.
The Assassin The Assassin
Unlock Jeda’s secret item.
The Alchemist The Alchemist
Unlock Velana’s secret item.
The Scout The Scout
Unlock Zoe’s secret item.
The Mage The Mage
Unlock Erus’ secret item.
The Witch The Witch
Unlock Malda’s secret item.
The Hero The Hero
Unlock the hero’s secret item.
The Skeleton The Skeleton
Triumph over the skeleton king.
The Vampire The Vampire
Triumph over the vampire.
The Detour The Detour
Visit Necropolis.
The lieutenant The lieutenant
Defeat lieutenant Shear
The commander The commander
Defeat commander Barka
The egg The egg
Witness the hatching of the egg
The combo The combo
Equip a mercenary with a mysterious set of runes
The cause The cause
Equip the 5 mercenaries in your party with the rune on the ring
The challenge The challenge
Finish the game with a party of 4 mercenaries
The Challenge The Challenge
Win a game of rock-paper-scissors against the Jester.
The Advice The Advice
Tell the Minstrel what you think of his song.
The Loan The Loan
Get a loan from the Banker and pay it back.
The Treachery The Treachery
Get a loan from the Banker and do not pay it back.
The Incorruptible The Incorruptible
Do not deliver one of your companions to the Bounty Hunter.
The corruptible man The corruptible man
Let the bounty hunter take away one of your mercenaries