Crossout Achievement List

Raider Raider
Successfully complete 10000 raids
Defender Defender
Successfully complete 10000 Defence raids
Racer Racer
Successfully complete 10000 Fuel Race raids
Eradicator Eradicator
Successfully complete 10000 Leviathan raids
Butcher Butcher
Destroy or help destroy 77777 enemies in PvE
Hunter Hunter
Destroy or help destroy 1000 leviathans
Strategist Strategist
Ensure 20000 victories for your own leviathan
Participant Participant
Take part in a battle against live players
Never give up! Never give up!
Lose a battle against live players
Conquistador Conquistador
Win 100000 battles in Encounter mode
Conqueror Conqueror
Win 100000 battles in Assault mode
Warlord Warlord
Deal 10000000 damage to player vehicles
One Punch Man One Punch Man
Deal 5000000 melee damage to player vehicles
Blaster Blaster
Deal 5000000 explosive damage to player vehicles
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter
Deal 5000000 firearms damage to player vehicles
Assassin Assassin
Destroy 11920000 player vehicles by any means
Seasoned engineer Seasoned engineer
Reach reputation level 40 with the Engineers
Lunatic Lunatic
Reach reputation level 15 with the Lunatics
Explorer Explorer
Open 5000 containers
Scavenger Scavenger
Reach reputation level 15 with the Scavengers
Apprentice Apprentice
Build 500 of any parts
Craftsman Craftsman
Manufacture 250 rare parts
Industrialist Industrialist
Build 250 epic parts
Magnate Magnate
Manufacture 250 legendary parts
Melting Melting
Salvage 10000 car parts
The Sleep of Reason The Sleep of Reason
Assemble a vehicle from 80 parts
It's Alive! Alive! It’s Alive! Alive!
Assemble a vehicle with a power score of 16000 or higher
Challenger Challenger
Complete 100 daily challenges
Medalist Medalist
Get 50000 of any stickers in battles
Shopaholic Shopaholic
Buy 25000 goods on the market
Fence Fence
Sell 25000 goods on the market
Rockfeller Rockfeller
Earn 10000000 on the market
Impulse Buyer Impulse Buyer
Quick-buy 500 items
Opportunist Opportunist
Quick-sell 500 items
Lost & Found Lost & Found
Get 10000 parts from battles