Crossbow Warrior – The Legend of William Tell Achievement List

Birth of a Legend Birth of a Legend
Shoot the apple off your sons head.
Hello Axen Cliffs Hello Axen Cliffs
Jump off Gessler’s boat.
Dodging a Barrel or Two Dodging a Barrel or Two
Beat the big Habsburger.
Next Problem Next Problem
Survive the showdown.
You Are Swiss Now You Are Swiss Now
Reach the Alps.
Point of View Point of View
Play your first sniper level.
A Man of Flowers A Man of Flowers
Collect 200 Edelweiss.
Cheesus Christ Cheesus Christ
Collect 30 pieces of cheese.
Sugar Telly Sugar Telly
Collect 30 pieces of chocolate.
I Own this Game I Own this Game
Get every Edelweiss, Apple and best time.
Me And My Crossbow Me And My Crossbow
Shoot 50 bolts.
Jumping Frenzy Jumping Frenzy
Jump on the head of 3 Habsburger’s in a row.
First Pile First Pile
Kill 50 enemy’s.
Delivery Man Delivery Man
Drop a crate on a enemy.
Faster than a Bolt Faster than a Bolt
Get best times in half of the levels.
Resource Manager Resource Manager
Beat the last level with only three bolts.
Modern Transportation Modern Transportation
Use the rail cart to reach the apple.
Reconsideration Reconsideration
Don’t shoot your crossbow in the last level.
Family Differences Family Differences
Miss the apple and shoot your son.
Oh Dear! Oh Dear!
Nearly finish the Nordwand level, but fall all the way down anyway.