Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily Achievement List

Hidden Object Challenger Hidden Object Challenger
Finish one hidden object scene without using Hint.
Hidden Object Master Hidden Object Master
Finish all hidden object scenes without using Hint.
Skilled Skilled
Solve a puzzle without using Skip.
Determined Determined
Solve three puzzles without using Skip.
Freshman Freshman
Solve your first Detective Mode scene
Master Detective Master Detective
Solve all Detective Mode scenes
Snowflake collector Snowflake collector
Find first Hidden Snowflake Symbol
Origami novice Origami novice
Find the first Origami piece
Catch Them All Catch Them All
Find all nine Hidden Snowflake Symbols.
Origami Master Origami Master
Find all the Origami
Thorough Viewer Thorough Viewer
View three cutscenes without using Skip
Ice Carver Ice Carver
Smash some ice.
DIY Pyrotechnics DIY Pyrotechnics
Launch a firework
First Class Firefighter First Class Firefighter
Extinguish a fire
Find what’s “hidden.”
Open Sesame! Open Sesame!
Find a hidden passage.
Modeller Modeller
Find a new hobby.
Firestarter Firestarter
Set something on fire.
Barmaid Barmaid
Make some hot drink.
Houdini Houdini
Release from bonds.
Sub-Zero Sub-Zero
Chill something out. Literally.
Fire Training Fire Training
Turn on the fire alarm.
Little Chemist Little Chemist
Make an antidote.