Crawlers and Brawlers Achievement List

Level 10 Level 10
Level up any character to 10.
Level 20 Level 20
Level up any character to 20.
Level 30 Level 30
Level up any character to 30.
Town saved! Town saved!
Complete the story mode.
Kill Orc King Kill Orc King
Defeat the Orc King boss fight.
Kill Fire Mage Kill Fire Mage
Defeat the Fire Mage boss fight.
Kill Jerry Kill Jerry
Defeat the Mine Manager boss fight.
Kill The Curator Kill The Curator
Defeat the Curator boss fight.
Hidden Achievement
Kill Lord Wellington Kill Lord Wellington
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Epic Equipped Epic Equipped
Equip an epic item.
Artifact Equipped Artifact Equipped
Equip an Artifact item.
Brawler 5th Class Brawler 5th Class
Defeat 10 players in Brawl games.
Brawler 4th Class Brawler 4th Class
Defeat 50 players in Brawl games.
Brawler 3rd Class Brawler 3rd Class
Defeat 100 players in Brawl games.
Brawler 2nd Class Brawler 2nd Class
Defeat 500 players in Brawl games.
Brawler 1st Class Brawler 1st Class
Defeat 1000 players in Brawl games.
Part Time Job Part Time Job
Loot 1,000 gold from Crawl/Story games.
Full Time Job Full Time Job
Loot 10,000 gold from Crawl/Story games.
Workaholic Workaholic
Loot 100,000 gold from Crawl/Story games.
The 1% The 1%
Loot 1,000,000 gold from Crawl/Story games.
Grand Wizard Grand Wizard
Level up a wizard character to 30.
Knight Knight
Level up a warrior character to 30.
High Cleric High Cleric
Level up a cleric character to 30.
Casual Gambler Casual Gambler
Buy 10 conjuring potions.
Serious Gambler Serious Gambler
Buy 50 conjuring potions.
Gambling Adict Gambling Adict
Buy 100 conjuring potions.
Shark Shark
Buy 1,000 conjuring potions.
Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat!
Complete the Halloween candy quest.