Cradle Achievement List

Friend Friend
Take care of the eagle
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Find your toys
Engineer Engineer
Activate Ida
Sand Warrior Sand Warrior
Complete the Endless Sands pavilion
Unconditioned Reflex Unconditioned Reflex
Restore Ida’s breath
Aesthete Aesthete
Collect the most beautiful flowers
Tropical Warrior Tropical Warrior
Complete the Tropical Islands pavilion
Oculist Oculist
Restore Ida’s eyesight
Celestial Warrior Celestial Warrior
Complete the Cloudy Country pavilion
Positive Charge Positive Charge
Equip Ida with new power supply
Savvy Savvy
Switch on the network terminal
Underwater Warrior Underwater Warrior
Complete the Magic Lakes pavilion
Contact Established Contact Established
Equip Ida with a new synchronizer
To The Roots To The Roots
Discover the mystery of your childhood
Liquidator Liquidator
Destroy 50 Dark Swirls
Sprinter Sprinter
Complete each pavilion in less than four minutes
Master of Creation Master of Creation
Build 50 platforms
Master of Destruction Master of Destruction
Explode 50 bombs
Catman Catman
Complete all the pavilions without falling in water
Bad Day Bad Day
Fall from a great height 5 times in a row
Astronaut Astronaut
Launch a rocket
Saddle Up! Saddle Up!
Find the horse
Semianimal Semianimal
Find the Children of the Universe text
Qualified Employee Qualified Employee
Find all the Gerbera Garden instructions
The Babylonian The Babylonian
Find all the Babylonian Effect texts