Cortex Command Achievement List

Hello There! Hello There!
Boot up the game.
Aren't You Clever Aren’t You Clever
Win The Tutorial Level
These Guys Are Awesome! These Guys Are Awesome!
Download 5 workshop mods.
One Star General One Star General
Win the metagame.
Disloyal Customer Disloyal Customer
Win a metagame using every tech.
Look Sir, Free Crabs! Look Sir, Free Crabs!
Save a preset with 10 crabs.
War Torn War Torn
Fight 999 battles.
Pyrrhic Victory Pyrrhic Victory
Win a battle with more deaths than your enemy.
Technical Win Technical Win
Lose a battle with less deaths than the victor.
Hidden Achievement
Look Sir, Free-- OH GOD NO! Look Sir, Free– OH GOD NO!
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?